Entrance sticky mat

Multi-layered sticky mats are designed to remove dirt and dust from shoe soles and equipment wheels before they enter controlled environments. The cleanroom sticky entrance mats have proven effective in a wide variety of applications, including entranceways, workshops, construction sites, high traffic office locations, tradeshows and on moving day. Each of the numbered layers is easily peeled off when innefective or soiled to reveal new clean layer. Mat has adhesive backing to secure it in place mostly near entry door. 60 easy peel-off polyethylene sheets per mat - 4 mats per box.

In case of your interest, please, contact us for details.

Item Colour Size (") Size (cm)
Sticky mat blue 18x36 46x91
Sticky mat blue 24x36 61x91
Sticky mat blue 26x45 66x114
Sticky mat blue 31x35 79x89
Sticky mat green 18x36 46x91
Sticky mat green 24x36 61x91
Sticky mat green 26x45 66x114
Sticky mat green 31x35 79x89
Sticky mat white 18x36 46x91
Sticky mat white 24x36 61x91
Sticky mat white 26x45 66x114
Sticky mat white 31x35 79x89

* any other even much larger size on request. Please contact us for details.

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